CACHAREL Romantic World

*1978 Launch of the first fragrance : « Anaïs Anaïs » .
1981 « Cacharel pour l’Homme » fragrance « Anaïs Anaïs » is the worldwide perfume best seller

*2000 Cacharel relaunch with the appointment of the Clements- Ribeiro duet as Artistic Directors

*2010 Cédric Charlier becomes the new Artistic Director

*2013 Cacharel’s Design Studio works like an Atelier where young artists and senior designers emulate their mutual inspirations.

2015 Move off Cacharel Headquarters on the Parisian Left Bank. Renewal of the contract license with L'Oreal

Extra Bonus did you know ....

Cacharel name was created from a bird in camargues from South in France

Liberty tissu was discovered by Jean Bousquet in Paris France

Brigitte bardot wore the first shirt in crepon in Elle cover magazine .

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